Orphagen Pharmaceuticals Awarded $224,954 to Investigate an Orphan Nuclear Receptor as Novel Drug Discovery Target for Cancer Immunotherapy
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Small Molecule Discovery at Novel Drug Targets


ROR-gamma Retinitis Pigmentosa Endometriosis orphagen pharma

Orphagen addresses the pharmaceutical industry's need for new classes of drugs that have novel therapeutic mechanisms. We recognize that patients need genuinely new therapies rather than incremental improvements over existing ones.

Our strength is our ability to identify drug-like small molecules that regulate novel drug targets, so-called orphan receptors that are not yet part of mainstream pharmaceutical drug discovery. Our name, “Orphagen”, is based on this expertise. We became an industry leader for our first therapeutic target, in autoimmune disease, and formed a long-term strategic partnership for this target in 2008 with JT Pharma.

Mission - Research Partner with Orphagen small molecule drug discovery

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